Sunday, November 21, 2010

i didn't have an autistic child to irritate you.. promise

Alright I need to get something off my chest here and I apologize in advance if I end up dropping any f-bombs. I totally understand that some people aren't comfortable hearing the "A" word especially when it comes to a family member. Hell, I know of parents with Autistic children themselves and they're even in denial. I don't have time to be in denial and I don't have time to throw a pity party. Every single second of my day is a battle. A battle because I poured the wrong brand of chocolate milk or a battle because I drew a 4 with an open top and not a pointy one.

There is a certain family member.. two in fact that instead of being supportive and accepting Kassidy's diagnosis they have instead been taking it out on us. I don't have many requests when it comes to other people and my children. I think it's pretty reasonable that all I ask is let ME discipline MY children and don't yell at them. Autism aside, no one needs to be yelling at someone else's children. After multiple times of telling them they should just let us be the parents, I suggested that perhaps they do some research and see why I say not to yell at her. They agreed. Apparently this made things worse. Said family member took my husband aside and said that Kassidy does not have Autism. It's basically my fault for everything that's "wrong" with her and they don't want to hear anymore about her appointments.

I'm disgusted. Said family member is not a doctor and I highly doubt they know more than the now 4 specialists and doctors that all agree on her diagnosis. How stupid of me to assume that family should be nothing but supportive. I think it's incredibly sick that someone even could suggest that I would make this up. Because everyone wants something "wrong" with their child. Because I totally enjoy being screamed at and hit all day long because I put the right boot on first instead of the left. I don't care if you agree with the diagnosis, because frankly your head must be in the clouds all day to not see what's right before your eyes, but how dare you treat my baby horribly and imply this is my fault. It does not make me a bad mother because I talk to her through her meltdowns instead of scream at her like you'd like. It does not make me a bad mother because I take her to doctors appointments multiple times a week. And no, I didn't "make her Autistic" for attention or to make you mad. I'm incredibly thankful for those that have been nothing but supportive of Kassidy and I will forever be grateful for them. Those two people, however, should be ashamed of themselves.


  1. Hey girl, I had no clue you kept a blog. So sorry you are having to deal with such close minded people. You are doing the best for her, and they need to just support you guys.

  2. WOW that is just mind blowing, some people in this world are just miserable people. I have a family member like this too and it is so frustrating and disappointing... I am sorry you're dealing with that. Just remember that you're doing a great job and frankly, they don't matter. Keep up the good work mama! :)