Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Noah's AZEIP Screening

Noah had his early intervention screening today. The good news is, I'm not paranoid like everyone said I was. The bad news is, I'm not paranoid like everyone said I was. She was here for almost two hours going over everything Noah does (and doesn't do) assessing where he should be for his age. They put all the data on this chart that goes from black, grey, then white. Black is really bad, grey is okay, then white is where they should be. Noah was in the black on EVERY single area they tested. Every. Single. One. Two of them he even had a zero for his score. To be eligible they only need to have a 25% delay in ONE area, and he's at a 75-100% delay every one. She said he'll probably end up on DDD like Kassidy (which is good) and that she was amazed how observant I had been. I told her how his pediatrician felt it was no big deal and told me to wait until he was 2 to do anything (though he has not made any progress in almost a year) and thankfully she referred me to a pediatrician that knows what to look for and is proactive about this. I'm just glad that finally someone that is listening so I can figure out what the next step is for both the kids. Everyone kept telling me to wait, wait and see what happens. Well I'm done waiting. I waited 3.5 years for Kassidy's diagnosis when I KNEW there was something going on and I'm not going to wait 3 more years for Noah. Soo someone is coming next week to do another screening and we'll go from there!


  1. Hi, just found your blog.

    I am the parent of a child with a disability and I am Chair of the AzEIP interagency coordinating council (ICC) where we are always looking for families to become more involved in the policymaking side of early intervention. Our next ICC meeting is Friday, January 14th--pm me at caseywaid@aol.com if you want more information)
    I wanted to correct something in your post. Noah would need to have a 50% delay in one area to qualify for AzEIP. Each state can set the percentage delay to qualify for services and in Arizona, where AzEIP is the name of the program, the delay is 50% in one or more areas. We are what is known as a narrow delay state; i.e., only children with the most severe delays qualify, many states that used to be broad delay states (25% in one area, any delay, a delay) have moved to a more narrow delay.

  2. Good luck!!

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