Saturday, January 8, 2011

government agencies do their job sometimes

It's been awhile since I've updated on Kassidy. Certain events had transpired with her doctor and the DDD (Department of Developmental Disabilities) and I was too upset to even discuss it. The DDD wanted to put up a fight with me that one of Kassidy's papers said Pervasive Development Disorder that was dated in September even though there was a paper dated in October that said autism. She also had a fit that a nurse practitioner had seen Kassidy even though the psychiatrist did afterward and concluded diagnosis himself. I also came to find out that even though the dr had no problem giving me a verbal diagnosis he refuses to write a formal one until Kassidy is given this extremely extensive psych eval. The problem is only ONE doctor in all of Arizona will perform this evaluation on a child under the age of 6 and their office wont return Kassidy's case workers calls. Frankly at this point I felt it was a lost cause and was completely expecting a big fat denial in benefits for her.

I have to admit I was angry. Angry at the whole process, that there has to be a certain severity for anyone to do anything about it. I had fought so hard and long for this diagnosis and then here I am thinking I can't even get help for her. And really why was I fighting anymore? Just when I had put it out of my head I randomly received a letter from the DDD. "We are pleased to inform you that Kassidy Fisher has been determined eligible." I was literally shaking I was so ecstatic. FINALLY something was coming out of all this.

The next day I received a phone call from the DDD caseworker wanting to come to the house and start the next step. She informed me that Kassidy is approved until her 6th birthday, but she just needs a formal diagnosis before then to continue benefits after that. I am so happy and Kassidy deserves this so much. I really was losing hope that anyone actually cared about these kids and looked at them as anything other than a paycheck. I'm pleased that someone is actually doing something for her and cares enough to get the ball rolling!

On a side note Noah is exhibiting certain red flags that Kassidy did at his age and her case worker suggested we contact the early intervention place. They are coming on Tuesday to screen Noah and I'm really nervous about it.

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  1. So happy that Kassidy is finally going to get the services she needs! I can't imagine how nervous you are about tuesday and will be sure to be praying for you all!